Alcohol & Drug Screening

In 2015, Benefits reported that “While positive rates for illegal drug use average about 3.7 percent for employees working for employers of all sizes…rates for employees working for small employers are almost three times as high.” This is probably because drug users are now seeking out companies that don’t drug test (there are even lists on-line of who tests and who doesn’t). Often smaller companies don’t require employees to pass a drug test so they become a target for those people abusing drugs.

Why is this? Many owners of small businesses think drug testing would be too expensive. However, drug users are more likely to cost the business money because they often:

  • steal from the company to support their habit
  • have increased health problems that can increase insurance costs
  • take increased amounts of sick time off
  • cause accidents that damage product and/or harm employees or customers

Drug testing can actually reduce your risk of losses due to theft, sick time and accidents. As for affordability, drug testing may be cheaper than you think.

Not having the time to manage drug testing of employees may be another deterrent. However, we can help you set up a drug free workplace program, and even manage it for you. Let us worry about the details and you can rest easy knowing you’re creating a safer environment for your customers and employees as well as protecting your bottom line.

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