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DNA Paternity Testing

Advanced Labs & Screening Services is a trusted DNA paternity testing provider in Wichita, KS. We use the latest technologies available to provide DNA results you can rely on. Our paternity tests are fully admissible in a court of law. Whether you need testing for legal reasons or if you’re just curious, you can trust us for accurate and private results.

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DNA paternity testing

Legal DNA Paternity Testing

Currently, DNA testing is the most accurate and advanced technology to determine whether two individuals are biologically parent and child. The DNA paternity testing performed by our professionals are 100% admissible in court and can be used as a legal document. Most testing is pain-free with just a simple cheek swab. Contact us today for details and scheduling.

Prenatal Paternity Testing

If you’re in circumstances where you’re in need of a paternity test and you’re pregnant, we offer a safe and accurate testing to provide answers prior to the birth of your baby. We offer a variety of testing options for your unique circumstance and testing is arranged to fit your specific needs. We encourage you to contact us today and speak with a DNA paternity testing expert on staff for a brief, confidential consultation.

Reasons for Paternity Testing


Immigration and surrogacy documentation


Child support


Child custody cases




Social security benefits

Appointments for DNA Testing

Looking for accurate results for a DNA paternity test in Wichita? Advanced Labs & Screening Services offers DNA paternity testing for your convenience appointment. Whether you need a test performed for legal reasons or are just curious, we’re here to assist. Contact us today to schedule an appointment as soon as today.

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