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Drug-Free Workplace Programs

A Drug-Free Workplace (DFW) is a great way to promote employee health and safety as well as reduce costs. Whether you’re looking to start a drug-free workplace program or improve upon your existing drug-free policy, Advanced Labs & Screening Services can advise and guide you through the entire process.

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Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Improve Safety for Employees & Customers

When implementing a drug-free workplace program, start by thinking through your overall goals. For most businesses, safety for employees and clients is extremely important. Businesses with employees who are drug-free find that the work environment is healthier, happier and safer.

Decrease Risk & Costs

Are you aware that a Drug-Free Workplace policy can help you not only improve safety, but also reduce risks and cut costs of doing business? By design, the DFW policy will discourage employees from using drugs, which will lower the rate of accidents, in turn saving on unemployment payments and workers compensation claims. Additionally, drug-free workplaces have also seen a dramatic decrease in sick days, equipment damage and theft.

Professional Drug-Free Workplace Policy Writing

As Drug-Free Workplace policy advisors, we understand the important of a strong policy that is developed to encourage employees to be drug-free. Writing a DFW policy can be time consuming and require a level of expertise that not all businesses have. Advanced Labs & Screening Services can help develop your Drug-Free Workplace policy and provide training on how to implement the program. From educating supervisors and employees to providing employee assistance resources, we can write a DFW policy designed specifically for your business and your industry.

Enforcing Your DFW Policy

Creating a DFW policy also means enforcing it. Advanced Labs & Screening Services is a drug testing provider assisting with pre-employment screenings, post-accident testing, random drug testing, follow-up to treatment testing as well as reasonable suspicion testing. Our DFW management program is full service and built around your business whether you’re in Wichita or across theĀ United States.

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