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DOT Testing Program Management

Advanced Labs & Screening Services is a trusted partner for DOT drug and alcohol testing services in the Wichita area. Our DOT testing program management services follow all requirements in accordance with the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991. Management of the program is turnkey, providing you with all aspects of DOT testing including organization, reminders, DOT supervisor training, random pool generation, drug test administration, results and record keeping.

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DOT testing program management
Managing DOT testing

Relax, We’ll Manage Your DOT Testing Program

Keeping up with DOT testing and administration can be a daunting and time consuming process. With all the rules and regulations regarding standards and procedures, many businesses simply do not have the time or human resources to keep up with employee testing. Our DOT testing management team administer quality drug testing services with unparalleled drug screening accuracy, confidence and dependability.

Required Drug Tests For Professional Drivers

Required by law, employers of drivers of commercial motor vehicles must have a drug and alcohol testing program in place. The program must be designed to conduct six types of testing scenarios:

  1. Pre-employment screening
  2. Post-accident testing
  3. Random pool testing
  4. Reasonable suspicion testing
  5. Return-to-duty testing
  6. Follow-up testing of drivers with prior history abusing alcohol or controlled substances

Our DOT drug testing program management encompasses all of the tests required above. All results are confidential. Contact us today for a quote to manage your DOT testing program.

DOT Testing Management For Safety-Sensitive Industries

Advanced Labs & Screening Services works with clients all over Wichita and the state of Kansas in transportation industries including:

  • Trucking
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Railroads
  • Mass transit
  • Pipelines
  • And more

DOT Required Supervisor Training

When employers have reasonable suspicion to believe an employee is using drugs or alcohol, employers must require the employee to submit to a drug or alcohol test. With reasonable suspicion, companies are required to articulate what they have observed about the suspicious employee in regards to their appearance, behavior, speech and/or body odors. Employees making such observations must be a supervisor of the business, officially trained as required by federal regulations.

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