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When your employees are in direct contact with customers, knowing their personal history is important. Background checks and background investigations are simple methods for knowing in depth information about who you’re hiring. Our background checks include researching criminal history, commercial records as well as financial records.

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Corporate background checks

Why perform background checks before hiring?

From corporations and mid-size organizations to small businesses, feeling confident about your employees’ personal history is important. While you have high standards for who you hire to represent your company, you’re also faced with needing to make quick decisions when hiring new employees. Performing background checks on job applicants and existing employees is an effective way to limit risks and potential problems.

Pre-employment screenings are an excellent way to find out historical information on potential employees before hiring them. These types of background checks will allow you to verify information provided to you during the application or interview process, as well as potentially bringing forth inaccurate, falsified or omitted details about their past.

What types of information are found during a background check?

When performing a background check on an individual, we are capable of checking for:

  • Criminal, arrest, incarceration and sex offender records
  • Citizenship, immigration and illegal working status
  • Driving and vehicle records
  • Litigation records
  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • Medical, mental and physiological evaluation and records
  • Other personal information including: previous employment history and salary information

Would my business benefit from background checks?

Do your employees have direct contact with customers? Do your employees interact with children or senior citizens? Do your employees enter into homes or access businesses after hours? Do your employees have access to sensitive information or prescription medication? If you answered yes to any of these scenarios, performing a background check on your employees is essential to keep your business protected and your customers safe.

We’re skilled and experienced in checking backgrounds for businesses who hire:

Bus drivers, taxi drivers, & public transportation drivers


Maids & in-home service providers


Employees who handle cash


Movers and couriers


Public safety workers and security guards


Healthcare workers and in-home healthcare providers


Pharmacists and medication delivery personnel


Daycare providers

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